Let us take care of management and optimisation of your Adwords account!

With the ongoing changes Google experiences, the management of your Adwords campaign can become a daunting task. Without proper management, profitability targets and positive performance can put your website in negative territory, especially when you are not making a return on investment (ROI).

Thankfully, by having expert advice in the management of your campaign can make your Adwords campaign profitable. This is why we can assist with the management of your account. We work with small and medium businesses in managing their Adwords campaigns



We may restructure or start from scratch in researching, creating and building your entire campaign. Our goal is to build a solid account.



We may restructure or start from scratch in researching, creating and building your entire campaign. Our goal is to build a solid account.



As we continue collecting data, we then make informed decision based on data and research and optimise your account accordingly.



We continue searching for opportunities. This involves using new knowledge, keywords, strategies and etc.


Test And Experiment

We continue performing A/B testing of your ads, A/B of your landing pages and perform internal experiments within Adwords to increase conversion rates

Our long-standing client testimonials

*Please note that A to Z Marketing was our previous brand name as we now are known as Digital Engine.


Emmanuel has been managing our Google AdWords / Bing campaigns since September 2013 with excellent results. I have always found him very professional, innovative and easy to deal with. I would recommend any business with a Google AdWords campaign or just starting out to give Emmanuel a call.


I was looking for a mobile website and A to Z Marketing was able to serve my requirements. They built me a professional mobile site and then have linked it to my Google Adwords campaign. The results have been fantastic. I would be more than happy to recommend anyone to A to Z Marketing that is looking for a responsive website, mobile website or internet marketing service.


I am delighted to recommend A to Z marketing to all businesses that require ‘professional’ advice in all areas of digital marketing. They have successfully created our mobile site, restructured and optimised our Google Adwords campaigns and as a result of the two, we experienced fantastic results that speak for themselves. Emmanuel and the team are true professionals in their trade and would not hesitate to recommend them to any serious business that thinks outside the square.


I was thinking about putting and AdWords campaign together and then I heard about A to Z Marketing. I met with Emmanuel and discussed our company needs he explained how he could assist and how a campaign can generate new business leads. Our campaign has now been launched and we are very impressed about the progress we are making with our Keywords. We would highly recommend A to Z Marketing to anyone who needs assistance setting up or improving their AdWords campaign.


Contact us to discuss your Adwords account and the opportunity to manage your account.