Let us optimize your website and improve your Google Core Web Vitals score!


Our WordPress optimization experts can improve your Google Core Web Vitals / PageSpeed Insights scores. We assess and understand your website's structure, plugins and objectives and work towards a great possible score.


Using our proprietary Staq tools, we will analyse your website and implement improvements to optimise it and maximise its potential score.

Our team of experienced web developers will adopt all best practices to ensure that your website's PageSpeed Insights score is maximised for Google Core Web Vital signals.



We use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to determine what are the opportunities Google recommends in order to address the issues.


We exclusively use the Staq Hosting tool which contains both our caching and optimizer features and address each issue one-by-one. Part of the process, we will assess issues relating to:

  • CSS
  • JS
  • image compression
  • image conversion to WebP (next-gen images)
  • DOM and payload size
  • server response issues

In between each issue, we will run the PageSpeed Insights tool to determine if the issue has been resolved.

Please note that we will not address any web development issues in this process.



We deploy either:

  • Traditional CDN;
  • Next-Gen CDN.

Our preference is to use the Staq Next-Gen CDN (for every site excluding membership based sites) as we push your website to the cloud and the cloud will return the website to the closest user instead of the server.

Performance increases significantly and assists with your PageSpeed Insights score.

NOTE: You must use Staq DNS for this feature to work.

Learn more about Staq here